A downloadable game for Windows

Name: Prof-Hero

Version: Game Maker Lite.

Genre: Platform.

Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / 7

Not compatible with Windows 8

Description / Plot: After a period of peace on Earth again the terrible Alien-Father is plotting against humanity. The alien created a machine with great destructive power, this machine is capable of reducing the gravitational force of the earth. Alien-Father intends to decrease gravity enough to make the atmosphere disappear and thus eliminate all living beings.

The world leaders have exactly twelve hours to surrender to the Martian empire, otherwise the machine will be activated.

Predicting that some Terran hero might appear to disrupt, the King of Mars built four super-evil Aliens-Robots for the purpose of preventing them from intervening in their plans. Is there anyone capable of impeding

King of Mars? Yes there is! Prof Hero!


Space - Leap.

Left and right arrows - movement.

Enter - start, forward.

End - Restart.

Every two stages your progress will be saved automatically.

Save 100 students to earn a living.

Install instructions

Use Winrar to unzip the file.